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At Glacial Plains Cooperative, we are the partners you can count on. Our grain department helps you navigate the volatile grain market by keeping on top of trends day-in and day-out.

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the grain market, so having a solid marketing plan in place is key to your success and profitability. We’re here to help you work through your production costs and take a layered approach to market opportunities by offering a wide variety of services to provide several contracting options.

We operate five different grain locations in West Central Minnesota with a total licensed capacity of 14.6 million bushels to ensure that we can meet your storage needs. If you store grain on-farm, we have a network of industry connections to help you get the most for your grain, and we can pick it up and deliver it to our elevator. Call Grain Division Manager Craig Kavanagh in the Murdock office for bids picked up on farm.

Grain Division Manager
Craig Kavanagh
320-875-2811 (ext. 1104)



Grain purchasing hours at all Glacial Plains Cooperative locations are 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, unless markets are closed. We also take sell orders so we can work your offers during overnight trade.

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Keep up to date information at your fingertips by downloading The Glacial Plains Cooperative app. The app is available for both android and apple users. includes market information, cash grain bids, and contact information.

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We are proud to be able to offer a wide variety of grain contracts for both Old Crop & New Crop bushels at Glacial Plains Cooperative. Click On Each Contract To Learn More:

Cash Sale

Producer calls or delivers grain and prices grain at the market, and immediately takes settlement.

Minimum Price Contract

  • Establishes a minimum price for the grain while giving the opportunity for additional value if the market rallies
  • Available in 5000 bushel increments
  • Options must be purchased at the time of sale


  • Establishes a fixed futures price and leaves the basis level unset
  • $0.02/bu fee for Dec 2019
  • $0.06/bu fee for Dec 2020
  • Available in 1000 bushel increments
  • Basis must be set prior to First Notice Day of the reference futures month
  • Contract is allowed to be rolled to subsequent trading months within the same crop year, with a roll fee to apply per contract month


  • Establishes a fixed basis level and leaves the futures unpriced
  • Futures must be priced prior to First Notice Day of the reference futures month
  • Basis can be rolled forward at the cost of the carry, plus a small roll fee will apply

Price Builder Basis (CHI Compass Contract)

  • Provides the ability to market bushels every day of a contract period at a floor price level above the futures level that exists at the time the contract is created
  • Advantages include the ability to sell bushels above current futures

Daily Price Plus (CHI Compass contract)

  • For the producer who wants a premium above today's price with the security of a guaranteed floor, and is willing to sell additional production

All Grain Contracts are subject to a cancellation fee in addition to any market variance for non-delivery. Please contact your local Glacial Plains buyer for more information about our grain contract options.


Glacial Plains Cooperative Harvest Policy

Effective Sep. 12, 2023 subject to change without notice

2023 Price Later Program-Corn & Soybeans
  • Corn service charges are 6 cents per month (pro-rated). NO minimum will apply.
  • Soybean service charges are 6 cents per month (pro-rated). NO minimum will apply.  
  • Un-priced grain must be priced by Oct. 16, 2024. If not, it will be priced automatically, without further notice, at the 8:30 a.m. market open of Oct. 17, 2024. 
  • On Price Later corn, title has passed to Glacial Plains.
  • Cash or contracted corn will be shrunk and dried to 15.0% moisture. Price Later, warehouse receipts or grain bank will be shrunk and dried to 14.0% moisture. Condo storage will be shrunk and dried to 14.5% moisture.
  • Drying charges will be 6 cents each point of moisture over tolerance. A one point minimum will apply. Shrink is 1.5% for each point of moisture over tolerance. (Drying and shrink will both be pro-rated by each 1/10th point after the one point minimum is accounted for if applicable.) Individual grade factors will not be averaged.
  • All soybeans will be shrunk to 13.0% moisture.
  • All soybeans will have an automatic 1/4% (.0025) Foreign Material deduction.
  • Drying charges will be a straight shrink of 3.0% each point over 13.0% to 15% moisture, and 4% each point over 15% moisture (pro-rated by each 1/10th point).
  • Foreign material over 1.0% will be deducted from gross weight and will not be averaged.
  • There will be a 10-cent monetary deduction for bean loads over 14.0% moisture.
All Grains
  • Each producer is responsible to inform the scale operator who the grain is for, the disposition of the grain (sell, contract, price later, etc.) and when delivery is complete. 
  • Grain bank grain inventories will be inventoried as standard grade grain. Applicable discounts will be assessed to off-grade grain to bring it up to standard. No service charge will apply if used within a six-month period. All grain bank bushels will be evaluated on Oct. 1, 2024 and all bushels older than the 6-month limit will be priced out on Oct. 14, 2024 and charged storage at the prevailing rate back to the date it was delivered. 
  • Grain that is exceptionally off-grade, wet or heating may be rejected.
  • In store grain will be bid and discounted based on the delivery elevator's bid and discount schedule the day it is sold. Price Later grain or stored grain cannot apply to future purchase contracts.
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