From quality seed to custom applications of fertilizers and crop protection products, Glacial Plains Cooperative’s full-service agronomy division provides everything you need to maximize your farm’s productivity.

Our experienced team of more than 30 agronomy professionals sees that you’ll get the most out of your crop inputs by offering agronomy solutions such as soil tests, tissue sampling, field mapping and variable rate technology.
We have agronomy centers located in Murdock, Benson and Clontarf, MN to ensure that our quality products and services are always available to meet your needs. Read on to learn more about our product portfolios and service offerings, and give us a call to start realizing your operation’s fullest potential.

We provide a wide range of agronomic services at Glacial Plains Cooperative, including the following:

Custom fertilizer applications (flat or variable rate treatments)

  • Dry or liquid fertilizers
  • Top-dress urea and AMS custom applications and pull-spreader rentals
  • Pre-plant, side dress and in-season micronutrients
  • Nitrogen stabilizers and Soygreen® Iron Micronutrient
  • Complete line of WinField® United plant nutrition products
  • Fall anhydrous

Custom crop protection applications

On-demand soybean seed treatments

  • Available at our Benson and Clontarf locations

Field scouting

Producer financing


The Glacial Plains agronomy team uses leading technology to provide farmers with accurate, cost-effective field prescriptions.

We leverage the R7® Tool and Climate FieldView™ platforms to store data and help you identify and better manage the acres that provide the best opportunity for increased profit potential. Both of these comprehensive precision farming solutions integrates soil and tissue sampling, satellite imagery mapping and harvest data to help create customized variable rate prescriptions for your farm. We also have tissue samples analyzed by NutriSolutions® Tissue Analysis.

Ag Tech Tools

WinField® United R7® Tool
Climate FieldView™
NutriSolutions® Tissue Analysis

Glacial Plains Cooperative sells and supports the best crop seed on the market, including corn, soybeans and alfalfa.

Our seed specialists excel at matching the right hybrids and varieties for each field to help farmers make the most of every acre. We are proud to offer the following seed brand portfolios; call your local agronomy sales representative for more information.

It’s important to protect your investment after selecting the right soybean varieties for your fields.

We take great pride in our seed treatment capabilities at Glacial Plains. With downstream seed treaters in both Benson and Clontarf, we can apply Warden® CX, Vault® HP and Clariva® Elite Beans seed treatments on demand.


As your local source for dry and liquid fertilizers, Glacial Plains Cooperative offers a full line of crop nutrient products to help your crops stay healthy and optimize their yield potential.

We have five dry fertilizer blending towers and storage capacity for 34,000 tons of dry fertilizer spread across our three locations. To maximize the return on your crop investment, our team of knowledgeable agronomists at Glacial Plains will customize the right fertility package for your fields and your bottom line. Our crop nutrient lineup includes products like:
  • Anhydrous ammonia
  • Urea 46-0-0
  • Liquid UAN 28% (Urea Ammonium Nitrate)
  • ESN (Environmentally Smart Nitrogen, 44-0-0) Encapsulated Urea
  • Nitrogen stabilizers (N-Serve®, Agrotain® and Instinct®)
  • Liquid 10-34-0 and 6-24-6
  • ATS (Ammonium Thiosulfate, 12-0-0-26S)
  • MAP (Monoammonium Phosphate)
  • AMS (Ammonium Sulfate)
  • DAP (Diammonium phosphate)
  • Potash
  • Premixed Soygreen® Iron Micronutrient
  • Complete lineup of WinField® United plant nutrition products, including MAX-IN® micronutrients

It’s essential for farmers to have an adequate supply of liquid fertilizer during the busy spring season.

Glacial Plains offers customers the opportunity to own liquid fertilizer storage tanks. Designed as a partnership, this program increases grower efficiency while helping to minimize transportation time and costs.
  • Glacial Plains Cooperative will purchase and deliver a poly tank as large as 6,000 gallons to your farm, plumbed with a bottom bung and valve. The cost of this tank will be straight-line depreciated over a 5-year period at your expense. Glacial Plains will invoice you each year for 1/5th the cost of the tank. If you would like to buy out the tank, you may do so based on the number of years remaining on the contract. (Example: Tank cost is $3,000. Five-year straight rate is $600/year. Cost to buy out after 2 years use would be $1,800.)
  • Glacial Plains can help you determine what additional pumps, meters or plumbing you may need, but this additional equipment would be at your expense. We invoice the equipment under normal invoicing terms, or financing program.
  • Farmers participating in this program agree to purchase their liquid starter and side-dress fertilizer from Glacial Plains Coop for five planting seasons. If you don’t purchase your liquid fertilizer from Glacial Plains during this time, the contract is due and payable in full for any remaining balance.
  • Farmers are responsible for any damage to the tank until this contract expires. Growers are responsible for any crop injury caused by cross contamination issues.
  • Program participants are responsible for all equipment maintenance, including winterizing pumps, meters and plumbing.
Call the Glacial Plains agronomy department at 320-875-2810 (Murdock), 320-843-4820 (Benson) or 320-843-3949 (Clontarf) with questions.

The Answer Plot® Program by WinField® United is your year-round resource for local agronomic, seed and crop protection expertise, strategies and the latest information and data.

When attending local Answer Plot® Knowledge Events, you’ll find customized answers that can apply to the challenges you experience in your own fields.
We’re fortunate to have one of Minnesota’s largest Answer Plot® locations in our service area – the Murdock Answer Plot® Vision Site. Check back periodically to see when the next Answer Plot® VIP Week will take place at this location. To see data from the National Answer Plot® site, click on the Learn More button below. 

Your Financial Partner for Growth. At Glacial Plains Cooperative, we understand what it takes for you to succeed in an ever-changing global market.

That’s why we offer unique and flexible crop input financing to fit your needs. In addition to these competitive financial solutions, we also offer our own net 30 charge account to support your farming operation.

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