Glacial Plains Cooperative’s feed division has long played an important role in meeting the nutritional needs of livestock in West Central Minnesota.

In addition to the custom bulk feed mixes we produce at our feed mills in De Graff and Kerkhoven, we carry a full line of feed tubs from Hubbard and Form-A-Feed and a number of quality products from Purina Animal Nutrition, Vita Plus, Big Valley and others. Our feed products fit the nutritional needs of:
  • Dairy Cows
  • Beef Cattle
  • Sheep
  • Swine
  • Goats
  • Poultry
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Partnered Brands


Feed Samples


Custom Rations


Supply from Multiple Feed Companies and Nutritionists


Grain Bulk (Corn and Oats)


Silage Burndown (late summer/Early Fall)


On Farm Bulk Feed Delivery


With several quality ingredients at our disposal, we can produce a wide variety of bulk custom mixes to fit any nutritional need at our Glacial Plains Feed Mills in De Graff and Kerkhoven, MN.

We also carry creep feed in bulk at our Kerkhoven location. We upgraded the De Graff feed mill in 2019 by adding a new automated feed mixing system, surge bin and electrical room. We also have an air system for hand-adds and direct pumping of fat and molasses in to the mixer – all of which makes mixing and weighing more efficient and precise.

If you need assistance with rationing, a member of the Glacial Plains feed team can visit your farm to take feed and forage samples and formulate rations. We can also have nutritionists who can attend on-farm consulting, at your request. Just contact one of our feed locations to schedule an appointment. We also offer programs to lock in your bulk ingredients.


We stock a wide range of feed products at Glacial Plains Cooperative to meet your nutrition needs. In addition to on-farm delivery of bulk feed, we also sell bagged feed at our feed mills in De Graff and Kerkhoven, the C-Store in Benson and our feed stores in Milan and Sunburg.

The following is a comprehensive list of what we carry; we can also acquire additional ingredients you need for your production.
  • Animal Health
    • Calf Products
  • Bagged Feed (Available at our Benson, De Graff, Kerkhoven and Sunburg locations)
  • Liquid Feed
  • Loose Mineral Programs
    • Calving
    • Breeding
    • Summer Fly Control
    • Year-round
  • Calf Starters
    • 16%
    • 18%
    • 20%
  • Milk Replacers
    • AF 20/20 Stealth Medicated
    • Calf Beginner 20/20 Medicated
    • DCX Calf Glow Medicated
    • Vitalizer Non-medicated
    • Cows Match
  • Show Feeds
  • Tubs
    • Form-A-Feed
    • Hubbard
    • Purina
  • Creep Feeds
  • Protein Pellets
  • Grain Bark Feeds

In addition to all the quality feeds we stock, we also carry the following types of supplies at our Benson C-Store, Kerkhoven Feed Mill and Sunburg Feed Store locations:

  • Fly & Rodent Control
  • Clothing
  • Brooms
  • Shovels
  • Masks
  • Inoculants
  • Twine
  • Fencing Equipment
  • Cattle Handling Equipment
  • Round Bale Feeders
  • Creep Feeders (for rent or purchase)
 Supplies on Shelves for Feed Operation
Cardinal Sitting On Bird Feeder

We manufacture our own private label birdseed mixes from a wide variety of quality ingredients at Glacial Plains Cooperative, making us your go-to source for everything birdseed related.

We have an extensive assortment of custom mixes and bag sizes to fit all your specialty bird needs. Samples of our products are available upon request, and we’re always looking for ways to update our bags and containers to make them more consumer-friendly.

Call us at 320-843-5364 to set up an appointment.

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