2021 Facilities Updates

Apr 07, 2021

2021 Facilities Updates
Greetings to all our owners and Members, I would like to take this time and share with all of you a few updates on what has been going on at Glacial Plains Coop. This summer you will be seeing many changes taking place at a couple of our Business Units. I want to start with our Agronomy Division in Murdock,  last fall the Board of Directors approved a 500,000 gallon Liquid Fertilizer tank, we will be bringing in 25 railcars of 32% liquid and be breaking it down with water to make our 28%. By doing so we will now be able to meet the demand of our owners, we also upgraded all of our Dry and Liquid equipment to Kahler Automation. The liquid project should be completed in Mid-August and we should have it full of 28% by Mid October.    
Moving on to our Grain Department in Murdock we will start with a demolition project to what many of you may recall as Terminal A, this facility has just quite simply expired it’s life expectancy and has just become difficult to use and is just not safe to operate moving into the future. We expect to see the demo starting in Mid-April. We will be replacing that storage with a new 515,000 bu. bin, complete with a new sweep and full floor air. We are going to be replacing pit D with a much larger option. The new Pit will be 10x30 to accommodate a faster flow of traffic. This project should be complete by Mid-September and ready for the Fall Harvest.
Moving on to our Energy/C-Store Division in Benson, last Fall it was brought to our attention by the MPCA that our underground tanks have expired and that we would need to replace them along with new pumps. They allowed for us to start this project this spring. As we started visiting about this project and pump placement with quality vehicle space it was becoming clear that we may need to take a good look at replacing our C-Store at this time. After good discussion with our Directors it was decided that is the path we will be taking. At this time I have been told that the new Store will be complete by December assuming everything will go as planned. 
This will be a very busy summer at GPC, but we are very excited for the new changes and updates that I believe will accommodate all our owners and members into the future. 
Thank you and have a safe Spring Season.        
Mark Greicar
General Manager

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