What's in your Croplan corn bag?

Mar 30, 2021

4.7 BU/A Yield Advantage

Benefits of a zinc seed treatment

We know that early-season zinc is critical for corn plants to promote growth and root development, which in turn, helps protect stand quality. If you’re losing stands or not seeing strong early growth, you’re probably less likely to make in-season investments in your corn crop because you don’t know where your yield is going to be. But if you’re able to get roots and stands off to a strong start, then you’re more likely to capitalize on in-season opportunities.

Season-long zinc management


Zinc takes season-long management and is important for many functions within the plant, including enzyme creation, photosynthesis and development of auxin hormones, which signal germination. However, zinc is immobile in both the soil and the plant, so you need to supply adequate amounts throughout the season. There are three critical times to apply zinc:

  • On the seed as a seed treatment and with your starter fertilizer via a product like Ultra-Che® Zinc 9%

  • At the V5 growth stage with a product like MAX-IN® Zinc or MAX-IN Ultra ZMB®

  • In the fall to supply late-season zinc needs with a dry product like Zinc 10% LS

New triple-threat seed treatment available


A new seed treatment that builds on the foundation of Fortivent Zn will be available for planting in time for the 2021 growing season. Fortivent Plus provides early-season insect control and plant vigor. It also delivers control of the fungi Pythium, which has become especially problematic during the last few planting seasons because of wet conditions in many areas. Fortivent Plus combines Fortivent Zn with:

  • Poncho® Votivo® seed treatment, which protects seeds and seedlings from early-season insects and a variety of plant-pathogenic nematodes that attack roots; and

  • Intego® Solo fungicide, which provides enhanced Pythium control.

    Corey Evans
    Technical Seed Manager

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