2021 Spring Agronomy Update Meeting Recap

Apr 01, 2021

2021 Spring Agronomy Update Meeting Recap
First off, we would all like to thank everyone who attended the meeting Thursday, March 25 in Benson. We had great speakers in attendance and hoped everyone learned something new. Koch had lots of great information and data about their nitrogen stabilizers such as, SUPERU®, CENTURO®, and ANVOL®. These products all assist with minimizing nitrogen loss through nitrification, volatilization, denitficiation, and leaching.

Mark Glady, our area's WinField United agronomist, talked about how important the 17 essential nutrients are for plant nutrition and growth. Having these nutrients readily available when the plant needs it is very critical. He talked about the different plant nutrient products WinField United offers such as, AscendPro® and Zinc 9% Chelate EDTA, products that can be added in with your starter fertilizers. He also talked about how important fungicides and surfactants are as well, Glacial Plains carries these products! There is a lot of research that goes into the adjutants we sell, and that is shown by utilizing the Regional AnswerPlot located in Murdock.

If anyone wants a video copy of the meeting, please contact your agronomist!

Stay tuned for AnswerPlot tours coming up this summer and fall, be sure to attend!

Thanks again,
Jim Johnson
Glacial Plains Agronomy Manager

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