Sep 09, 2020

Last night’s crop condition report had corn at 61% and beans at 65% good to excellent.  Both down 1%.  Beans made a new high this morning at 9.8175 futures after a couple soybean export sales were announced.  238,000 MT for 2020/21 to China and 132,000 MT to unknown.  9.8275 November was the January 2nd high I have been talking about for a couple weeks now.  How high can this market go this close to harvest?  With the next USDA report on Friday we are about to find out.  It feels like this market is set up to either explode or bust at this point.  I can find an argument for either case, but be careful here.  If you are under sold on beans, I would be making sales here ahead of the report on Friday and "hope" I am wrong.  If we make a sale at 9.10 and the market goes higher, we will still have more to sell.  As I said before, this is not the time to try and hit a home run.  Make a bunch of base hits instead of striking out and our sales will average out nicely. 

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