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The Price of Cheap Seed

Nov 26, 2019

What is the true cost of planting “cheap seed”? Let’s say a bag of unproven seed corn cost $50 a bag less than a proven competitor’s bag. What does “proven” mean? It means the seed has been trail tested, yield winner and consistent yield winner. Now let’s say combining “cheap seed” is 10 bushels an acre less than proven seed. 10 bushels times 3.50 corn price equals $35. One bag covers roughly 2.5 acres, times $35 equals $87.5. $87.5 is how much cheaper that bag of “cheap seed” would have to cost for you to break even. That $50 a bag “cheaper seed” cost you $15 an acre. Are you willing to risk profitability on your farm over “cheap seed”? Talk to your GPC agronomist about placing a proven bag of seed on your farm.

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