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Murdock Answer Plot Vision Site

Come check out one of the largest Answer Plots in Minnesota. 

Located at 101 Van Norman Ave, Murdock, MN

Below is a birds eye view of the trials in the Answer Plot located by Murdock, MN




Due to new federal regulations, the Dicamba products approved for post emergent soybean applications are now restricted use products.  You must have a license to buy them.  To legally apply them you need an applicators license and need to attend a training session to get certified to apply these products.  Glacial Plains is weighing the risk of doing custom application of these products and has not decided whether we will or won't offer custom application of Dicamba products post emergent on soybeans.  So far there are 3 training events scheduled:  Mankato January 25, 2018, Fargo February 13, 2018 and Grand Forks February 15, 2018.  Please call Glacial Plains Agronomy at Benson 320-843-4820, Murdock 320-875-2810 or Clontarf 320-843-3949 for more details on training sites.


Required Dicamba (Auxin) Training Meeting Notice


  • This 2 hour training is mandatory for any applicator who applies dicamba products including Engenia, FeXapan, or XtendiMax in 2018
  • In 2018 you will need both an applicator license and proof of dicamba training to apply these products

Please preregister to assure your attendance!  Go to: to select this meeting from the calendar and preregister.


Prepay Deadlines

Give your GPC Agronomist a call to book spring 2018 fertilizer needs.  

All fall fertilizer invoicing is due by January 15, 2018.  This allows you to pay early for 2017 or wait til 2018.

Early discount for seed with John Deere Finance is Nov 21st.  Next deadline for seed

is Jan 15, 2018.  Keep these in mind for your financial needs.

If you would like Glacial Plains Coop to soil test for you give us a call at 320-875-2810.

See your Agronomist for current chemical programs.  Early order discounts and financing available.

Croplan Finance Page
Financing Programs

Glacial Plains Spring Fertilizer Financing Program

  • Ag Country Farm Credit Services
  • CHS Capital

Applications available thru your agronomist or contact the Financial Services Manager: Aaron Vadnais

1-320-875-2810 or



Monsanto Finance Program
Throughout the past five years of farming we have seen some really great successful years for our growers. With high commodity prices and manageable input prices it has been fairly easy to add a few extra pounds of fertilizer to your acres to go for that high yielding acre, which in return means more bushels in the bin.
This year there has been some talking on how you can cut cost of inputs on that acre. There are some ways to do so but along with that might mean less bushels of either corn or soybeans in the bin for you to market. There are some ways to lower your cost per acre, that being maybe stick with the couple year old corn hybrids that have yielded very well in the past at or around that $300 and up or down per bag instead of spending $380 or more on a new hybrid that will also yield very well but cost more per bag.
 On the soybean side they are really all close in price, it just depends what type of soils you have go with a variety that you know works and yields for you on your farm. Also to lower some inputs make sure you have a good pre plant herbicide down like Surestart or Verdict on your corn acres and Sonic or Fierce on your soybean acres too. If weed pressure is not heavy maybe we can eliminate either the early or late season post application of Glyphosate (Roundup) to just one pass of Round up post application.

Fertilizer is not a good way to cut costs. You don’t want to lower your fertilizer recommendations on your corn or soybeans. If you do, consequently you may have less yield on your farm than normal. Fertilizing in a one or two pass system works really well, but if you want to utilize more of that nitrogen in your plants you can look into either a nitrogen stabilizer like Instinct or split applying your nitrogen when your plant needs the food. Split applying your nitrogen can be done a couple ways depending on how much Nitrogen you want to put out there. The first pass you are either doing Anhydrous or Urea spread then coming back at the right time to side dress with 28% or by spraying a few gallons of Gradual N foliar applied. Also remember that split applying your Nitrogen does not mean that you can get by with less fertilizer that growing season. You still want to go for that high yielding acre by fertilizing properly but think of other ways to save money whether it be by buying seed that has proven itself that is a couple years old or by better managing your weed pressure to make less passes across your field, but don’t cut back on your fertilizer recommendations because the more bushels in the bin for you to sell at the end of the day is going to make this growing season another successful one for all our growers.
Thanks to all of our customers for your continued support and business. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to give any of our agronomy sales staff a call. We would be glad to help you succeed this year.