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Glacial Plains Statement on Directors

May 10, 2021

In line with best business practices, the Glacial Plains Cooperatives’ Board of Directors periodically reviews the company’s Articles and Bylaws – the documents that provide the foundation for the sound operation of this organization.
During our recent review, we noted several items that required thoughtful consideration, including one pertaining to qualifications for director positions. After consultation with legal counsel, the board has determined it is in the company’s best interest to address priority items immediately and present others to the membership for consideration at the co-op’s next annual meeting.
Based on our review, your Board of Directors believes it is in the company’s best interest to immediately conform with the language and intent regarding director qualifications. We believe it’s important to avoid any perception of conflicts of interest or misconduct. While we have not identified any specific issues, we believe it is in the best interest of our association and our members to be proactive and promptly address any perception of conflicts today and in the future.
The Board of Directors has accepted the resignation of Nate Spray and Todd Wentzel. Nate has served on your board for many years and has helped guide Glacial Plains through several difficult issues. While Todd was elected only recently, he has been a strong contributor during his tenure. We are grateful for their knowledge, wisdom and service. We are confident they will continue to be strong supporters of Glacial Plains and strong contributors in our communities and industry.

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