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Feb 25, 2022

A wild week in the markets came to a close with corn near limit lower and beans ranging from 30-70 cents lower.  Overnight trade made a valiant effort at a run higher after ending Thursday well off of the highs.  Trade quickly turned negative and a broad sell-off was triggered across most commodities, virtually eliminating any kind of a war risk premium that we had added earlier in the week.


Feb 24, 2022

What is there to say about today besides the obvious?  Markets opened for the overnight session unchanged but immediately soared higher following Russia's first pull of the trigger on Ukraine.  Trade was extremely peculiar with March 22 through March 23 corn trading limit higher but at different points throughout the overnight, March 22 and May 22 went into the coffee break locked limit.


Feb 23, 2022

Wednesday brought us another incredible day in the markets. Overnight trade was subtle in comparison to the day session. All classes of wheat posted double digit gains on the day with Kansas City wheat leading the way, trading at levels not seen since 2012 and has real potential to trade at, and above, the $10.00 level for the first time since 2008.


Feb 22, 2022

It was full risk-on in most commodities today following a weekend that featured ever-increasing tension between Ukraine and Russia.  President Biden also announced new economic sanctions on Russia shortly before market close with the market setting new contract highs across a plethora of commodities in the final 15 minutes of trade. 


Feb 18, 2022

Corn, soybeans, and wheat all finish the week on an up-note.  December 22 corn and November 22 soybeans edged out their previous contract highs with the old crop contracts looking poised to challenge their high marks next week.  There will be no markets on Monday in observance of President's Day so trade gets a long weekend to watch for any developments involving the potential Russia/Ukraine conflict or South American weather


Feb 17, 2022

Soybeans breached 1600'0 for the first time since a week ago and corn ventured into the 650's.  After a strong overnight session, the 8:30 market open saw a fair amount of profit taking and soybeans were not able to hold above 1600'0 level.  We spent a majority of the day session in two-sided trade until some strength was, again, observed over the last hour of trade and we went into the close with corn and soybeans both firmly 2-5 cents higher on the board today.


Feb 16, 2022

After a sharp, 2-day correction to begin our week, money was extremely eager to buy shortly after the market open for the overnight session. Nothing new or fresh to really trade as we continue to recycle some of the same headlines: questioning how big or small South American production will be and wondering if Russia is actually invading Ukraine or is Washington D.C. running a false-flag distraction campaign?


Feb 15, 2022

Major risk-off in corn, soybeans, and wheat following the evaporation of any imminent Russian military action towards Ukraine.  For what it's worth, any rumbling of possible Russian aggression seems to only come from DC and no news outlets have actually broadcast a message direct from Putin.


Feb 14, 2022

After trade put a risk premium onto the markets late in the session Friday, the situation (if there ever was one) seemed to diffuse between Russia and Ukraine over the weekend.  Corn and soybeans surged higher on the open last night but strength withered away as the night ticked on. 


Feb 11, 2022

The paint was just about dry on a very exciting week for the markets when a newswire dropped claiming Russia would invade Ukraine beginning sometime next week.  Corn and soybean trade was much more reserved today relative to the start of the week leading up to 12:30pm today when the Russia/Ukraine headline came across.  Corn and soybeans both rallied around 12-14 cents on the news and then faded slightly into the close. 

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