Manager's Comments
Glacial Plains business philosophy is to concentrate on our local trade area.  We will strive to become more competitive and offer the highest levels of service all the while maintaining profitability so that we can continue to return cash to our owners.  It's your cooperative that looks to return the money from profits that result from you entrusting us with your business and it's the one thing that you won't get back from many of our competitors.  Thank you for your business.


"Solid Preformance and Returning Cash to Member Owners" 


GPC Dividend History
Patronage Allocation Factors  
In 2016 GPC paid out 75% in cash totaling $978,727 2016 local earnings  $1,903,903
In 2015 GPC paid out 75% in cash totaling  $1,279,423
2015 local earnings  $2,685,163
In 2014 GPC paid out 75% in cash totaling  $5,762,454 2014 local earnings $9,237,431
In 2013 GPC paid out 75% in cash totaling $1,711,894 2013 local earnings  $3,428,552
In 2012 GPC paid out 75% in cash totaling  $4,186,553
2012 local earnings $7,150,094
5 yr. total cash dividends  $ 16,316,218  

Retirements @ age 73    Total Cash Paid Out
In 2016 GPC paid out $445,774 in retirements 2016  $1,424,501
In 2015 GPC paid out $960,995 in retirements 2015  $2,240,418
In 2014 GPC paid out $397,112 in retirements 2014  $6,159,566
In 2013 GPC paid out $666,371 in retirements 2013  $2,378,265
In 2012 GPC paid out $396,979 in retirements
2012  $4,556,532
5 year total retirements  $2,867,231 5 yr. Total Cash Pd Out  $16,759,282

If you need to go beyond Glacial Plains normal credit terms (net due by the 15th of the next month) you'll need to arrange financing.  Our bankers and board recognize the financial risk exposure we are exposed to when we have 2000 plus open accounts that are totally unsecured.  In these volitile times we need to do a better job of protecting your cooperative.  Talk to Aaron Vadnais at the Agronomy Center in Murdock for details.

We now have the ability to offer demand notes to our member owners.  This allows us to pay a very competitive rate of interest on two year and demand notes.  Our customers get a better rate of interest on short term money and Glacial Plains saves on interest costs.  Also, for our grain customers, remember our deferred payment programs, where you can defer grain payments. This program pays you an additional amount for your grain based on how long you wait to take payment.  Be sure to ask our staff prior to having the check written.  
To get Glacial Plains cash grain bids and energy futures updates on your cell phone call Doug or Craig in Murdock.  (875-2811)